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What is Black Buggy Furniture? Our store is a unique endeavor to the state of Oregon. Black Buggy sells high-end, custom-built furniture made from the hands of Amish craftsmen. We have a catalog of products from various states on the other side of the country. Our family credits these Amish friends and suppliers for guiding them along as business has grown.

Why is our name Black Buggy Furniture? We wanted our business to reflect the culture of our Amish-made products. The Amish, a Christian people, are perhaps best known for their simple living. In addition, they often wear plain dress and use horse-drawn black buggies for transportation.

Our History

Great connections and a passion for quality products started our business. Our founder, McBride, was looking for a business opportunity, but he didn’t know where to start. McBride’s sister heard that an Amish man wanted to distribute his popular products to Oregon. Interested, McBride left in September of 2005 to visit this furniture maker in Holmes County, Ohio. This county is the center of the largest Amish and Mennonite population in the world. When the two men were introduced, the Amish hospitality and culture captured McBride’s interest.

To his delight, McBride related to the Amish and their traditional way of life. Plus, his empty shop was a perfect store location. Maybe, he thought, he could even fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a team of workhorses.

“I feel I was born 100 years too late…” said McBride in an interview. Starting Black Buggy Furniture was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. “It just became a fit because I’m an old-timer in a new-timer body.”

Overall, he loved the idea of selling high-quality products to his future customers. Shortly after visiting Holmes County, McBride opened Black Buggy Furniture in February 2006. Since then, McBride has sold well over $1 million worth of furniture and is pleased to continue making his customers happy.

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